Mighty Healing in Jesus Name

I was in South Africa for almost 3 years and in July 2010 my health started to deteriorate. In September 2010 the illness got worse that I failed to do the things I used to do for myself. Even the people who were around me lost hope of life for me. They were all now waiting for the day I could die. I went to the hospital and the doctors said there was something to be removed from my stomach and for it to be removed, I had to be operated. They prescribed some pills for me which I was taking every day. When I felt I could not take it anymore, I asked a friend of mine to call my sister and tell her my condition. My sister in Zimbabwe received the message and quickly told the man of God, Pastor Anselm my state. She then sent my young sister who was supposed to pick me up with anointed water. I drank the water and immediately I felt strength in my body. I could now feel that I was a human being. My young sister and I made our way back home to Zimbabwe and through the power of the Holy Spirit we travelled safely. My fear of rejection was still in me that I was not going to be welcomed in my sister’s house but praise be to God I did not face any rejection. My sister, my two daughters and my mother always thank God for Pastor Anselm who gave me the hope of life. My first Sunday I was just in Church physically but my mind was thinking death. At the prayer line, the man of God told me that I had a big angel of death around me. I could not fight for myself but through the love of my daughter, the angel of death was cast out through her. I was confused because of the thought of death I had in my mind. I watched my daughter roll and scream on the ground during the deliverance and Alleluia! She was delivered. I was given anointed water. I vomited continuously. As I vomited, I continued to feel strength in my bones. On the 9th of December 2010 I went to the man of God’s office for teaching, I was shown two visions; the way to life and the way to death where I was surrounded by people wearing black garments and there was no peace, no joy and I was mourning. I was shown again the road to life where there were people putting on white robes. I was singing and laughing in joy. From the two visions I learnt that following the way of life is the only way in which I could obtain the happiness and joy in life. I have made up my mind today to follow the way of Jesus Christ and making Him the standard of my life. I also learnt that Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth and the Life. Alleluia!

Date Posted: 2017-12-01
Sent By: Patience, Tarirai

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