How to spend a day with the man of God Pastor Anselm

When you spend a day with the man of God Pastor Anselm,it always turns out to be too short before you can complete all the agendas of the day.Before I visited the man of God I used to think how I will spend the day with the man of God.I just used to wonder what I will be talking about with the man of God.Is it all about reading scripitures,then I guess the day is too long for that.Little did I know that spending a day at the prayer mansion is like spending a day with your best friend,father,mother,sister,brother,aunt,uncle or any of your favourites persons in life.
The day always begins with a morning prayer at 6 o'clock which also involves sharing of the teaching from the daily devotional by the man of God Pastor Anselm.There is something special about the mighty servant of God Pastor Anselm,he always spares time to listen to your stories and teaches you from your experince.He is someone you can get to share all what you have kept as a secret for the rest of your life.You find comfort in him as you will get to listen to the voice of God through him.Whenever he will be talking to you,then God will be talking to you.Isn't that a pleasure to experience in your life.You will actually experience the presence of God.
What surprised me is that the mighty man of God pastor Anselm has the time to play games as well.He is very humble and these are not just random games that you play in your day to day life.These are only special games that you can only play and get to have fun with the Lord through His mighty servant Pastor Anselm.There is joy,love,peace and happiness in the Lord.I only got to know about it when I spend the day with the man of God filled with laughter of joy. All I used to think was that the man of God is always serious and reading the bible to people.The special part about his games is that you will always learn about the mighty works of the Lord in each and every game.
The man of God is also a great teacher.As he teaches you,he also gives you assignments.Usually this might seem to be hard but once the man of God annoints you,you find words just flowing out and in a few minutes you will be done with writing or doing something that might have taken you two days or more.One thing I learnt is that,there is nothing that is too hard for the Lord.Today most of the people are missing their blessings in CHM all because of lack of knowledge about who the man of God is.All what Pastor Anselm teaches you is the direct teaching of God.The same as the message in the daily devotional,it is a special sermon from God directed to you through His mighty servant Pastor Anselm.He might seem to be an ordinary man,and yet there is something extraordinary about him. In him there is God, but most people we do not see that and hence we miss our visitation by the Lord.
The man of God can be in two different worlds in one day. He can be in a world of happiness and at the same time be in the world of sadness or sufferring.This can be seen on the special day that Memory received her healing from being wheel chair bound for four years. As she stood up to walk, the whole congregation celebrated with her family. Finally all the suffering was over. But there is one important thing about the man of God, he never gets carried away. In other words he is always in the presence of God and is always alert about everything that is happening to each one of us even though he might be praying for someone else. As Memory received her healing, another seriously afflicted man was also passing on. The man of God immediately came to pray for him to return and heal his soul. After the restoration of his soul, the man of God commanded that the sick man should be immediately taken to the hospital where he would be put on a drip. This is exactly what the doctor prescribed for the unwell man as he got to the hospital to receive his physical healing. All this did not stop the people from glorifying the Lord for the mighty work He had done through the man of God Pastor Anselm.Some of the people did not even notice what was happening to this man as they were celebrating Memory’s healing. This shows how special is a true man of God Pastor Anselm.He did not panic as he has the special understanding of how everything happens as per God’s plan in our lives. The man survived for some time and even improved healthwise.However he later passed on at the right appointed time by God. The man of God is so humble and obedient to God because all he says or does is in obedience to the word of God.
On the 13th of August 2012,I witnessed something that really made me get to understand more about the man of God Pastor Anselm.Mbuya Gwaze, who is Pastor Grace’s mother was unwell. As a medical student, I looked at her situation from the medical point of view where I would say after listening to the man of God Pastor Anselm conversing with her,I concluded that she was in a state of confusion.I actually failed to understand what was happening and the man of God had to keep trying conversing with Mbuya Gwaze while at the same time counselling me as I had already panicked.To my mind and basing on my scientific knowledge I thought Mbuya had lost touch with the environment and her senses and I kept on wondering if she would be able to make it till the next morning. The man of God did not take her to the hospital and even told us that Vanessa and I were going to spend a night together with Mbuya Gwaze in the same room. Despite all this ,Mbuya Gwaze responded to the prayers that we had with the man of God. We even sang with her, the favourite hymns (Mufudzi unondida) she had always enjoyed. Spiritually all was well with her and she was so much connected with the man of God. She obeyed to all what the voice of God said to her through the man of God Pastor Anselm.She even got a heavenly injection to which she responded well in the afternoon and slept for the exact number of hours that had been said by the man of God. Despite failing to converse properly with everyone around her, she was able to recite and pray the Lord’s prayer without making any mistake. We spent a night together with her and as we woke up in the next morning for the 6 o’ clock morning prayer Vanessa and I just woke up and did not want to disturb mbuya from her sleep.To my surprise Mbuya later asked Pastor Grace why we did not wake her up for the morning prayer. This shows how strong is her soul in the sense that she was still connected in spirit to the man of God despite how deteriorated she appeared physically. Once you receive your spiritual guidance through the true man of God Pastor Anselm, and experience the presence of God you will always be under God’s protection. The people of the world might think that you are totally defeated and worn out and yet in God there is always victory. This goes on to teach us that once the man of God commands that you have been completely delivered, it is actually the voice of God speaking to you. All you need to do is to keep obeying God’s word, to be sincere and genuine and you will always experience the presence of God.
On the 14th of August mbuya Gwaze woke up and looked very healthy. She was alert and was able to converse very well with everyone. She was interviewed by the man of God Pastor Anselm and she glorified the Lord for her restoration of health. One important thing is mbuya Gwaze was able to recall all what the man of God had been teaching us in the morning on the 13th of August.
Christian Healing Ministry for all nations Analyst

Date Posted: 2012-08-15
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