During my childhood I experienced challenges with my spiritual life. I did not understand where my life was going and had very high hopes for a better future. But this hope was washed away by disappointments in my life. Failure began to cover my heart. The life I was looking forward to was washed away. All the things I desired the most were taken away from me. I started noticing something about myself. I would feel the presence of someone even though I was alone. This started when I was in primary school but my family always insulted me when I screamed because of fear. I could not tell anyone so I kept quiet. All my life I lived in fear and I could not pray. I was someone who understood everything that I was taught in class but suddenly Satan took my intelligence away. I always asked myself when I will succeed but never got the answers. I have been to many churches where I was told that my father’s family did not want me to succeed in life and they only wanted disappointment for me which I confirmed to be true because I had bad dreams about them.

I always had nightmares about something taking blood from people which I did not understand. This kept going on and on and I had unbelievable weight loss which I could not imagine. Some year back I suffered from shortage of blood. I knew that this was spiritual but did not know what the problem was. We went to many churches but could not find any help and I begun to loose hope. I told myself that I did not want to go to church anymore but when I did not go I had serious nightmares that I felt like running away from the house. This became so serious when I was writing my exams at Gokomere high school. I started being angry with everyone and began hating people and always wanted to be alone but when I was alone, I could feel the presence of someone and would talk to myself. It was a very difficult time for me and I failed my examinations. I cried because I had put so much effort to prepare for the exams. Sometimes I would not sleep during the night busy preparing for my examinations. I was someone who was very weak in everything I did. I never used to care about anyone else except for myself. I cant explain what it was at that time but I was an angry, disappointed and hopeless little girl.

When I came to CHMFAN, I could not understand what was going on. To be honest I was confused then I told myself that demons will never cast out other demons and I said to myself, I will give it a try. When I tried, I was not delivered or healed but when I had faith in God, my breakthrough came. Before my turn came at the prayer line, I was so afraid and had so much faith. Whilst standing in the queue, I was praying to God that He should hear my prayer. When my turn came, I was so nervous. I have never been that nervous in my life. When the man of God, Pastor Anselm, asked me what my problem was, I told him that I was suffering from period pain. (The man of God told the young woman that something was sucking her blood before praying for her). When the man of God prayed for me I fell down and started feeling a burning sensation like fire all over my body and I heard a lot of noise in my ears. When I woke up I saw myself in tears but could not understand what had happened to me. I felt lighter than ever. I felt like something had been removed from me. When the Pastor said to me, “Young girl you are free”, I was filled with so much happiness. The Pastor then blessed me and I thanked the Almighty God for my freedom and for using the man of God Pastor Anselm to deliver me.

Then of Sunday 4th of December when the Pastor prayed that every poison that was in everyone of us should come out, I found myself in the front vomiting some white staff. I felt even more comfortable because I had given my testimony and confession to the LORD. As from that day, I feel blessed because I saw things that I could not believe, things that I had never seen in my whole life. I want to thank the Almighty God for what he has done for me. I had never slept and sang in a dream but the LORD showed it to me. I thank God for using Pastor Anselm to show me His light. After my appointment with the pastor, I had a dream in which I was in school and I had passed my examination and I heard a voice saying to me, you are my number one. Now I feel so lighted by the Glory of God. The LORD has shown me that He loves me and He cares for me and I will praise Him forever and ever. Before my breakthrough, I had not opened my heart to God. On the 3rd of December 2011 God showed me His powers. He let off the cage where Satan and his disciples were holding me. God gave me back all my blessings and talents. May the LORD keep on blessing Pastor Anselm so that he can also deliver those that are in the same situation as I was before?
Thank you so much for your love in Jesus’ name. Now I have said goodbye to the pleasures of sin. I am a new creation. I am no longer the old Precious, but the new Precious.

To God be the Glory
I don’t know how to thank the LORD

Date Posted: 2011-12-03
Sent By: Precious

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