Palm Sunday -Miracle Sunday A woman healed from a stroke

Praise be to God!The Lord is always Faithful and He keeps working in Greater and Miraculous ways through His humble and anointed servant Pastor Anselm.On the 24th of March 2013,during the Palm Sunday service,one woman received instant healing from a stroke.Medically she had right sided hemiparesis implying that she had a left hemisphere stroke.Her right side upper and lower limbs (hands and legs) were numb and weak.When she came to CHM fan she had a walking stick and could not lift up her right hand.The stroke limited her from doing most of the chores and other activities.At the beginning of the Service,the Man of God Pastor Anselm had informed the congregation that there would be a great miracle.Glory be to God Almighty!Later during the service,a woman who had a stroke came up front to be prayed for by the anointed servant of the Lord Pastor Anselm.The Man of God Pastor Anselm sprayed the woman with anointed water on her right leg and hand as he commanded that she receives healing and complete restoration of her health.Praise be to God!The woman received healing and strength on her right side.She could now walk without a walking stick.She could lift up her hands and do all the movements which she could not do before.She testified and glorified the Lord for using His humble servant Pastor Anselm for her mighty healing.The humble servant of the Lord Pastor Anselm expressed his passion and gratitude to the Lord for the great miracle as he sang :"Jesus thanks a million".
The choir of the Lord also sang "It is well,it is well-Zvanaka,zvanaka"whilst the woman who had been instantly healed from a stroke danced and glorified the Lord.She could not walk but now she could dance freely.God is always Faithful,this woman was completely healed and restored.2013,the Year of Restoration.God is the Greatest Healer and nothing is too hard or too complicated before the Lord.Everything has a solution.Every disease can be cured through Christ.To God be the Glory!

Date Posted: 2013-05-14
Sent By: CHM Analyist

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