Mr Mumba - healed of blindness

Alleluia,to the Lord God Almighty.God is always faithful and He has never failed a thing.We keep on glorifying Him for his mighty miraculous works.I want to thank the Lord for using His humble servant Pastor Anselm Mvenge in a mighty way.Praise Be To God,through the servant of the Lord Pastor Anselm,Mr Mumba received complete restoration of His sight on the 2nd of September 2012.Mr Mumba had been blind for 5 years.He went to different ophthalmologist,in need of treatment but all was in vain.On his visits to the doctors,all he would get was more knowledge on how complicated his problem was.As a medical student,I would believe Mr Mumba might have been told about eyesight disorders based on the optic nerve pathology or disorders of the blood supply.There could be a lot of contributing factors some of which are irreversible as it was in his case.Under such circumstances where everyone around you loses hope,you ought to know that there is hope in Christ.What could be irreversible from the medical point of view,is actually reversible to Christ."With man this is impossible but not with God,all things are possible."-Mark 10 vs 27.
On the 25th of August 2012,the CHM for all nations had a mini crusade in Harare and Mr Mumba also attended this service with his son.The man of God Pastor Anselm prayed for him and on that day he could actually see but all of sudden he fell off and began to see darkness again.In normal circumstance,most people in the world would give up and lose their healing while others would even despise the servant of the Lord.When the servant of the Lord Pastor Anselm declares that you have been healed or even encourages you to make a full confession you ought to know that is the voice of the Lord speaking to you through His servant Pastor Anselm.All you need to do is to keep believing and be obedient to the voice of the Lord.Mr Mumba did not give up as the man of God kept praying for his deliverance and healing.Glory be to God! On the 2nd of September 2012,the man of God just commanded the blind man to see,and his sight was restored.In CHM for all nations,as the man of God would always ask, "Who is the healer?" and all the children of the Lord in CHM would answer in one accord;"Jesus!".
Yes,in Christ there is everything we need.God is the greatest Healer.In the bible,the blind Bartimaeus received his sight through Jesus(Mark 10 vs 46 to 52) and in( John 9 vs 1-12) Jesus also healed a man who was born blind.So it is today,the Lord keeps using His true servants to do His miraculous works.Today,Mr Mumba is preaching and glorifying the Lord after receiving his healing through a true servant of the Lord Pastor Anselm.There is no ailment that is too complicated to God.In God there is a solution for everything.Praise be to God!

Date Posted: 2012-10-09
Sent By: Christian Healing Ministry for all nations Analyst

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