The Prophetic Utterance that came to the Man of God upon my life.

Glory be to God!Thank you Almighty Father for all the great works you have done in my life.Thank you Man of God Pastor Anselm and Pastor Grace for accepting me at the point when I felt rejected and useless.My failure to achieve satisfactory and excellent results for my 3rd academic year Second semester left me at a point where friends dispersed and people shunned at me.Honestly,the world became smaller as very second elapsed in my life.I practically became worthless,demotivated and completely depressed.I will always be thankful to God and His servants Pastor Anselm and Pastor Grace who guided me to the Light of Christ despite how messed up my life had been.The 8th of July 2012,marked the end of my suffering as I became born again and got baptized by the anointed servant of the Lord Pastor Anselm.I chose to became sincere and genuine before the Lord.I was delivered through the servant of the Lord Pastor Anselm and I became a new creation. 2 Corinthians 5:17 "Therefore if anyone is in Christ,he is a new creation,the old has gone,the new has come."I received Joy,Love,Motivation and Peace.Praise be to God!
On the same day,the Man of God Pastor Anselm, prophesied that I was going to pass all the courses that I had failed and that the best was yet to come.In other words,the Lord had blessed me through His humble servant pastor Anselm and I was going to get the best results in my courses to come like never before.Praise be to God!As the Man of God had prophesied I passed the courses that I had failed in my 3rd academic year and proceeded to my 4th academic year with Glory.I sat for my first 4th year exam In Radiology and I scored a distinction(which is graded as an excellent mark in my university)and had my Summer practice surgery exam and scored another distinction again(graded as an excellent mark).Yes,God is always faithful."The best is yet to come and you are going to be the number one best'' was all I could hear each time I looked into my future.As I informed and expressed my gratitude to the Man of God Pastor Anselm about the great achievement that the Lord had done in my life,the Man Of God glorified the Lord Almighty and assured me that this was just the beginning,good things are still yet to come.My tears of sorrow were turned into tears of Joy.I am currently in my 4th academic year,and I will keep believing that the best is still yet to come.To God be the Glory!Thank you Lord Almighty for your favour. Man of God,Pastor Anselm and Pastor Grace,thank you for the support in prayers and unconditional love.May the Lord keep on blessing you.

Date Posted: 2012-10-08
Sent By: Eunice

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