I would like to thank God through my dearest Pastor Anselm Mvenge and mother Mvenge for delivering me from the tight hand of  the devil. For the past 13 years my marriage was but hell. I enjoyed my marriage just for a year. During this period my husband was extremely good. I was always thanking God for giving me such a lovely husband. After a year things began to take another shape. My husband began to drink beer. He would leave home a.m. and come back home a.m. the next day. The situation became worse when he started to have girlfriends. He made it a point to have girlfriends in every location. The most prominent prostitutes were his girlfriends. Most of the people in our community would talk about my husband’s adultery behaviour. God had blessed him with a good paying job so much that if we were to invest the money we would have been big people in the community. Unfortunately my husband invested in prostitutes. What a pity? In most cases my husband would leave home on Friday morning and would come back on Sunday evening. All these days he would be living in either lodges or hotels with his prostitutes spending a lot of money. These prostitutes would phone me to testify that they were together with my husband in a hotel enjoying life. This would pain me to the bone marrow.

When he is back home, he would become very violent with me and the children. Several times I was beaten  to death after asking of his whereabouts. The other time I was kicked heavily so many times on my ribs. I spent some months struggling to breath. I thought my ribs had some fractures. I then requested for an x-ray. The other time he knocked me down and started to give me some heavy blows. That night I remember seeing a dam of blood on the floor that was oozing from my nose and mouth. Then after 4 hours I found myself in hospital with nurses around me. There was a lot of confusion in my head. I thought probably I was mad. The nurse explained to me that I was brought to the hospital being unconscious and the second drip was connected on my hand. It became a police case and we appeared in court. That time my head was aching too bad. The doctors insisted for an x-ray again. The ex-ray showed that there were some injuries on my (sculp) skull. These are just a few incidences that I have mentioned.

I was always with tears on my chicks. My husband would laugh at me mockingly saying, “Dai Mwari waunonamata akunzwirawo tsitsi” not knowing kuti aitoda kuitirwa nyasha naMwari. I always sid, ‘O God! Why allowing this evil to happen on me. Do you want me to become both physically and mentally disabled or to die in this man’s hands?” I then privately sought for some advice from the lawyers for divorce. Some paper work for divorce were made. Shortage of money for processing hindered the progress. Finally God sent his angles through my University co-ordinator who brought me good news about Christian Healing Ministry for All Nations after I had shared my problem with her. She assured me that with God through the man of God Pastor Anselm Mvenge, everything will come to an end. When we visited CHMFAN, the man of God prayed for us. He said there were some terrible spirits that were on both myself and my husband and they were causing all these unfortunate events in our marriage. My husband was delivered from the spirit of violence, adultery and drunkenness. His is now a good man. So lovely and friendly. He was baptised and is now believing in God.

To those who might be living under the bondage of the devil like I used to do, I say to you celebrate today. There is a true man of God Pastor Anselm Mvenge who can put your situation to an end within seconds through the power of Jesus Christ. Thank you very much Pastor and Mhamha for your love. May God bless you double, double in Jesus Christ’s name. Amen.
(Delivered and happy) Zimbabwe

Date Posted: 2012-06-29
Sent By: Delivered and Happy - Zimbabwe

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