My name is Nomathemba Nhubu. I am a 20 year old Gweru resident. I would like to take this opportunity to share the goodness of the Lord Jesus Christ in my life. During the Easter conference when we stayed at the Prayer Mansion in Gweru I indeed saw the Lord’s hand in my life. Saturday evening the Man of God, Pastor Anselm was teaching about his office (The Holy of Holies). He taught that it wasn’t possible  for anyone to just enter without purity. We were sitting in the lounge and at first he instructed a few ladies to try to get into the Holy of holies. The ladies tried to enter one by one but failed and instead they got their deliverances and the Man of God declared light upon their lives. This is a big revelation in my life as I had never experienced this before that day.
After witnessing this event it really touched my heart and I told myself that I also wanted to share in this experience. The man of God then instructed all the choristers to try and enter the office. As I tried to enter the Pastor’s office, I felt a sudden force hit me. The next moment I felt heat all over my body and fell to the floor. And as I lay on the floor there was a cool breeze, at which point I started coughing and vomiting poisons. I could really feel that something in my belly was getting out. The more I coughed out the poisons, the more I felt the cool breeze and peace. Then the man of God declared light upon our lives. I started vibrating, it was uncontrollable, a big bright light came right before my eys but I closed my eyes. Again I felt that feeling of peace. I woke up feeling so much lighter with so much joy. All this happened whilst the man of God ( Pastor Anselm ) was in the lounge, he did not even lay his hands upon us.
Little did I know that this experience would bring about my healing. For the past months my menstrual periods had ceased.
It had always been my prayer that maybe they would be restored. After an amazing experience of being in the presence of the Lord, that very night I got my menstruation back. Praise the Lord.
The man of God did not even lay his hands upon me, I had not told him about my problem. From this experience it really taught me that it is not about being touched by the man of God but it is all about Faith and believing that Jesus Christ works through the Man of God. His presence is real and mighty at the prayer mansion.
Alleluia! I want to thank the Lord Jesus Christ for using the man of God , Pastor Anselm in such a mighty way. All I can say is may the Lord keep showering blessings upon him and his family.

Date Posted: 2017-04-16
Sent By: Nomathemba Nhubu

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