A young lady who was electrocuted receives healing

Glory be to God Almighty!The Lord has no limitations or boundaries.Whatever situation that is addressed to the Lord,always has an answer.A young lady who was electrocuted on the 18th of December 2010 received her mighty healing on the 24th of March 2013.After being electrocuted she had loss of sensation from her waistline and both legs.She also had poor circulation of blood in her legs.As she was sitting on the chair and being prayed for by the Man of God Pastor Anselm,her legs were being moved against her will.The Man of God,Pastor Anselm also used an anointed sticker for the complete healing of the young lady's spinal cord.Glory be to God,her circulation was restored and for confirmation of the complete restoration of sensation in her legs a registered nurse carried out a simple neurological test to check if whether the young lady would sense superficial pain.To God be the Glory,the young lady could feel everything that was done by the nurse.She was interviewed and glorified the Lord for the mighty healing.The humble and anointed servant of the Lord Pastor Anselm gave her anointed water to take for her complete restoration of strength to walk with ease.The Lord keeps using His humble servant Pastor Anselm to do greater works.Praise be to God!

Date Posted: 2013-05-14
Sent By: CHM Analyist

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