Mighty healing of Fortunate,who was hopelessly wheel chair bound from March 2012

In Christ there is Love,Joy,Happiness and Hope for everything.What can seem to be too complicated to talk about or solve,is actually not complicated to God.In life we have all been in different situations that might have put our family members into extreme stress levels.Fortunate had been in a hopeless situation since she became paralyzed .But today,I would like to inform you of the Greatness of the Lord as He has used His true and humble servant Pastor Anselm to completely restore Fortunate's walking ability and health.Fortunate also had an elevated blood lactate concentration till 8 mmol/L.The normal blood lactate level is 0.5-1mmol/L and yet she had a lactate level of 8,which is approximately 8 times higher that the normal level.She had been to different doctors and specialists who have tried the best they could to help.As she confirmed,the medication she was taking was slowly and gradually trying to work in her body.However,as a medical student I found it thrilling the most,the fact that Fortunate's healing was instant when she met the Man of God Pastor Anselm.Fortunate was brought by her friend and attended her first service at Christian Healing Ministry For All Nations branch in Harare on the 23rd of September 2012.This was the service held the day after the mighty crusade by the anointed servant of the Lord Pastor Anselm.On this day the Man of God who actually was not praying for people and addressing their personal issues ,just prayed for Fortunate and she jumped from her wheel chair and walked a few steps.This shocked most of the people who knew Fortunate as someone who can only be lifted from her wheelchair.She could not walk or stand alone but on this day she jumped and walked on her own.Praise be to God!However,this was just the beginning to show Fortunate and the rest of the world that "There is Hope In Christ no-matter how hopeless the situation can be".She was given anointed water to take with her and as she was home she could walk with the support of the walls as well as carry out some minor household chores.This made a lot of impact to her parents who then brought her CHM for all nations in Gweru on the 30th of September where she became completely healed from paralysis through the servant of the Lord Pastor Anselm.On this day,the Man of God Pastor Anselm stood in front of Fortunate holding a prayer cloth as he looked down and to the right. Afterwards he then put the prayer cloth on Fortunate's body and she immediately began to vibrate with anointing.Glory be to God ! Fortunate rose up,walked and immediately rushed to hug and celebrate in joy with her parents.The children of God in CHM f.a.n all rejoiced and danced with Fortunate.Yes,it was her day to experience the everlasting joy in Christ.The humble servant of the Lord later had to call Fortunate so as to pray for her complete mighty deliverance and healing.In Christ there is healing.In Matthew 4:23 -25 Jesus healed the sick,the demon-possessed and the paralyzed. Therefore if the Man of God Pastor Anselm commands that "You are healed In Jesus Name".You ought to believe and receive your mighty miracle to glorify the Lord.God is more than worthy and He will keep on doing His mighty works through His humble servant Pastor Anselm.Praise be to God!Today Fortunate is walking and living happily with her family.

Date Posted: 2012-10-08
Sent By: Christian Healing Ministry For All Nations Analyst

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