Greetings to you all in the name of Jesus. Praise be to God. Many thanks to the man of God Pastor Anselm and Pastor Grace Mvenge as well as the Christian Healing Ministry for all nations. I want to thank God for granting me this opportunity to express how I have experienced His glory in a mighty manner despite the level of my intellectual skills.
I am a fourth year medical student, studying in Russia at Kursk State Medical University. I had been a Christian by birth but never had the understanding of how miraculous is the God we pray to. I believed that there are certain things that the Lord can do and certain things that He cannot handle or control. Relating this to my field of study I always thought that there are some ailments that God can heal and some ailments that He cannot heal. Little did I know that I was living in the world of darkness.
It was only after coming to Christian Healing Ministry for all nations that I began to experience a lot of things which made me more curious and to want to know more about God. I had lost all my intellectual skills and even failed some of my courses. This brought me to a halt and I could not handle the stress I was going through. I would study all night and still fail to recall anything the next morning. But to my surprise, after the man of God Pastor Anselm prayed for me, my intelligence was restored. He revealed to me my brain and other internal organs which I was able to describe immediately without even studying for it. This helped me to understand that God has the authority over everything we do in life. You can never excel without God and it is a matter of humbling yourself before the Lord and letting Him take control of your life. The intelligence and strength to study comes from God. However this was just the beginning. I addition to my own healing and deliverance, my faith in God was greatly uplifted through the many people who had received their miracles, healings, deliverances and salvation through their encounter with the humble servant of the LORD Jesus Christ, Pastor Anselm. Below, I shall just mention and described just a few among many of such experience of which I am convinced that these will also uplift your faith in the LORD Jesus:
Patience healed of HIV
Today we are living in a world full of controversy on the HIV/AIDS issue. Doctors, traditional healers, prophets you name it are all busy trying to search for cure of this incurable syndrome. Pharmacists have also come up with all sorts of anti-viral drugs some of which have become harmful to the patients. Today we speak of many HIV infected patients who at the same time have become cancer patients suffering from Kaposi Sarcoma. Different organizations are busy doing awareness campaigns as well as sourcing for donations to help the sick people. Today as the whole world we ought to know that there is a living God who heals any form of disease. There is nothing that is incurable in Christ. In Christian Healing Ministry through the man of God Pastor Anselm, Patience a middle –aged lady received mighty healing from HIV/AIDS infection. She had also been taking her medication which did not make her improve. While she was only 37 years old at the time, physically she was like a very old woman of well over seventy or eighty years of age. After her healing, she was completely restored to her normal age and today she is living a very healthy life and working for her family. When you have done all you can, taken all sorts of anti- virals with no positive results then you ought to know that there is a loving God who accepts you as you are and gives you healing and eternal life. In Christ your blood is completely washed and cleansed of all the virus. All the people who have received mighty healing through the man of God Pastor Anselm are completely free from HIV/AIDS as long as they continue to make the Word of God the standard of their life. They have begun to lead a new life in Christ so my message to you today is that you should not give up. Come unto the Lord Jesus Christ  and experience His love like everyone else who has received healing in Christ through His humble servant Pastor Anselm. Praise be to God! What the world and all professions cannot give a solution, God gives the answer and result. There is Healing in God through Jesus Christ. Alleluia!
Georgina healed of paraylsis
As a medical student I never thought that a paralysed person could just rise and walk in a fraction of a second. In 2009 Georgina a woman from Chiundura village could not walk and she had been to traditional healers, different hospitals but that all could not give her healing. She had suffered so much until one day she was brought to CHM for all nations to the man of God Pastor Anselm. Pastor Anselm a humble servant of the Lord had not met Georgina before and neither did he ask her to present all her complains like what could have been done in the hospital scenario. Pastor Anselm prayed for Georgina and when she fell down the man of God just commanded her to rise up and run. In less than an elapse of a second Georgina rose up, ran, danced and celebrated with joy before the Lord. What surprised me is that the man of God pastor Anselm did not panic as Georgina was brought to him, crying because of the excruciating pain she had. God is faithful. Georgina’s tears of sorrow were turned into tears of joy in less than a second. In case of any minor illness, you always need time for recovery even after taking any ultra-short acting or short-acting drug that you can think of. Our God is so mighty! I have also begun to understand how magnificent our Lord Jesus Christ is.
Siphelile healed of foot cancer
In 2010 Siphelile Sibanda a widow who has been earning a living through vending just developed pain on her right foot.This was an out of the blue incident which she can not and neither can anyone else give any explanation. Later in the evening her foot developed blisters and cracks through which smelly fluid oozed out. This progressed into a septic wound which even exposed her bones(metatarsals).She was taken to Gweru General Hospital where the doctors did all tests and could not still diagonise her. Her situation was beyond explanation as a specialist doctor was invited from Bulawayo and all was in vain. In the end the doctors suggested that amputation of her leg on knee level could help. Fortunate enough,before the amputation Siphelile was brought to Christian Healing Ministry for all nations and the man of God Pastor Anselm prayed for her and she received her instant healing. Siphelile had been to different traditional healers till the point of her relatives being bankrupt. She became hopeless and never thought that she could walk one of the days. In God there is hope for everything. What you feel is impossible and what can be too hard to the rest of the world, God makes it softer. Today Siphelile is a member of the CHM for all nations and she has also received assistance and has been blessed by the man of God to start her vending business again. She received full restoration fro her health and the wound was completely healed. Praise be to God!
Shephard healed of epilepsy
God does not have any limitations. All you need to have is faith and believe in whatever He says to you through His humble servant Pastor Anselm. Shephard is a young man who had been suffering from epilepsy in his entire life. He had been taking his medication with no improvement. Not only has he relied on modern medication; he has been to different prophets and traditional healers and could not still be healed. He only received healing when he came to the true man of God Pastor Anselm. During his deliverance and healing, the congregation thought he was going to die and all got scared except for the might servant of the Lord Pastor Anselm who kept praying till the 30 year old man received healing. Sherphard believed that he had been completely freed and this brought joy to him and his family. Sherphard had been to doctors who did not have any clue on the root of his illness which is the devil. He got saved through Christ Jesus.Glory be to God!
Whatever the Lord commands will come to pass. I had developed a minor ailment which worsened as time progressed. I was diagnosed of chronic constipation and hemorroids in 2011.This did not leave me at peace at all as I had to take laxatives with no response as well as use suppositories with no change or lessening of pain of the hemorroids. One morning the man of God Pastor Anselm prayed for me and he told me that on clapping his hands I will immediately rush to the toilet. I rushed to the toilet and urinated as well as defeacated with ease. This is something that I could not do even with all sorts of medication I used. Our God is so mighty. On taking laxatives I would take hours before I could defeacate, and sometimes not even respond such that instead of using suppositories I would use some soap. But God did that in a few seconds. The man of God pastor Anselm just clapped his hands in July 2012 and I was able to defeacate with ease, something that I had longed for, for a year in vain despite all the medication I have used. This was a mighty healing I received in CHM for all nations through the humble man of God Pastor Anselm. The man of God did not have to touch me and neither did he need to do rectal examination like what all the doctors had been doing. He just commanded the devil to let go of my system and I was healed instantly. Children of God, being a medical student who knows about all the pathogenesis and etiological factors of my own ailments I received healing through Christ despite all the knowledge I have on different medicines. This gives any answer to the question.."Who is the Healer?'' Yes, God is the greatest Healer. Today I am completely free and healed.
Last but not least, I want to thank God for the mighty deliverance from all sorts of afflictions. I was being used by the devil to dance, go clubbing, do things of the world as well as drink alcoholic drinks. In as much as any other medical student would think that drinking alcohol is a stress reliever, it was also my view towards taking beer and wine. Little did I know that I was heading towards my downfall and glorifying the kingdom of the devil. It was only after I confessed that I received the mighty deliverance through the man of God Pastor Anselm and became a new creation. I had lost weight and even looked like an old woman but after the mighty deliverance, my health and physical appearance was restored. To my fellow medical students and medical doctors as well as the rest of the world, let it be known to you that in God there is everything you need. There is joy, peace, love and happiness. Confession is the road to deliverance as well as healing. Many children of God are living in sins and unconfessed burdens which keeps on tormenting you day and night. Come before the Lord whole heartedly, confess all your wrong deeds. From my experience in CHM for all nations, a living ministry of God, I learnt that there is nothing that is too hard or too small to God. Many thanks to the man of God Pastor Anselm and Pastor Grace for accepting me as bad as I was and bringing me to Christ. May God keep on uplifting you the man of God as you are bringing many souls from darkness to the light of Christ. Today I am a new creation. I am a medical student with the fear of the Lord. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. I have accepted God in my life. I became baptized and right now am living happily. Glory be to God.

Date Posted: 2012-08-15
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