Healed of Thrombosis (a condotion of blood clotting) in left leg

How God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit and with power, who went about doing good and healing all who were oppressed by the devil, for God was with Him.” (ACTS 10:38)

I greet you in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.

I would like to thank the LORD for the mighty works and wonders in my life ever since joining CHMfan and culminating in the mighty deliverance on the 30th April 2012. Before joining CHM I experienced lots of hardships, trials and tribulations in my day to day experiences. One such was the experience which began on the 26th December 2004. I just woke up in the morning with my leg feeling numb. I could not move my left leg and it felt like I only had one leg. My left leg was swollen and within days I was diagnosed with thrombosis a condition of blood clotting, an extremely dangerous condition where one can die instantly. I had to stay at Mater dei hospital for two weeks, under the care of a specialist, having been transferred from Claybank by two ambulances to Bulawayo. I used a wheel chair during that period. It took me four years taking drugs daily before I fully recovered the use of my leg.
Having heard about my daughter’s deliverance from terrible demonic afflictions at CHM on the 5th of June 2011, I became curious and decided to visit CHM in August 2011. I really did not know what to expect but I wanted to find out more about my daughter’s deliverance and how my family could also get deliverance. On my first day I felt exhilarated, was delivered from afflictions and felt light as a feather and experienced a new breath of fresh air in my life. Never had I felt this way before. I became eager and enjoyed going to Church to witness the hand of the LORD at work, healing and delivering souls through the mighty man of God.
I became excited because after praying for my husband to join the Church, a miracle indeed happened when he suddenly joined the Church at the end of August 2011. Imagine my joy! A drunkard leaving behind his horrible ways and he got delivered. To God’s glory my husband was blessed with a new job in private sector, something he had desired since time immemorial, i.e. for years yet he got his breakthrough in only two months since joining CHM. Can you imagine God’s glory manifesting in a man, before coming to Church who used to say the Pastor was an imposter, a fake, a movie director who was making people act out scenes in Church. I believe God actually used him as a lesson to all non believers that He is a loving God who is a forgiving Father. For my family this was a turning point in our lives. We all got baptised. Before our deliverance there was no happiness in my home, no love within the family and most of all between my husband and myself. But thanks to the man of God, all that has since changed.
In January 2012 I went for my first appointment with the man of God. He delivered me from a terrible spiritual husband. Actually I had been experiencing terrible nightmares, ill health, miscarriage, disappointments, financial constraints, not getting driver’s licence, and disasters, but the man of God worked wonders in the name of Jesus Christ with the firs deliverance.  In March 2012, the 2012, the man of God delivered a young woman from an affliction of a ring she had bought from a shop in South Africa. The young woman is not yet marriage or engaged. She is only a University student. Immediately I realised I had acquired a collection of golden rings over the years which I had bought in Zambia. I removed the rings and put them away. I did not confess to the man of God about these rings which was a huge mistake on my part because still I experienced nightmares and disappointments. During that time my pant got disappeared on the wash line. Almost everyday of my life I couldn’t sleep. Towards the end of April I went to the man of God for another appointment. The man of God asked me about my rings and he informed me that there were spiritual husbands that were taking away my blessings, creating misery, misfortunes, blocking breakthroughs in my life and stealing my finances. I had to be delivered. The man of God performed another mighty deliverance on the 29th April 2012 in Church where the Lord Jesus healed me of the afflictions as a result of the rings. Indeed it was a might deliverance and spirits checked out. That day I was admitted into the office of Usher for the Ministry.
The greatest deliverance however was to occur on the 30th of April. After Sunday service, I got home and went to bed OK. But around 1:00pm I began to feel weak and dizzy. I could not sleep on my bed, without these funny feelings. Having exposed the demons, I faced persecutions as a result. That night I could not sleep but I took anointed water and prayed the prayer of Grace with my husband. We sent messages for prayers to Pastor through his wife. Early in the morning of the 30th of April, I was summoned to the Pastor’s house (The Prayer Mansion), what a privilege and honour it was indeed! My husband witnessed the most amazing deliverance of all times. Glory to God! The man of God, I am told went right into Satan’s camp to rescue me because I was surrounded by darkness. I felt I was trapped in a deep, dark evil dungeon. I saw darkness and felt I was sinking in dark waters. As always, the man of God saved me in my darkest hour and came through for me. The man of God said I had been afflicted by the most terrible forces of darkness and that he had to deal with Satan himself not his small agents, to deliver me. I got the special privilege of getting the light of Christ, a gift not conferred to many but only to a few. I am really to proud that when there was darkness, my life is now filled with light of Christ. During my special deliverance, I was made to remove a mask and scales that Satan had put all over my body, I am now cleansed and covered in the blood of Jesus Christ Alleluia!
In short, there are a number of lessons from my experiences since joining CHM. God loves me and everyone and does not want us to suffer and go to hell through joining Satan’s camp. Again I have learnt that healing is a process and not necessarily a once-off affair, so never make a mistake of going away from your spiritual father. Therefore every Sunday the man of God your spiritual father gets to clean you up through the word of God and gets your energised for the new week’s challenges. In fact you get revitalised and you receive the power of excellence for your work, business, school or whatever you do in life. Again you get guidance. Praise the LORD!
MIMMY (Gweru)

Date Posted: 2012-06-29
Sent By: Mimmy

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